Grey Seal Coffee Roastery

Grey Seal Coffee Roasters is a small batch coffee roastery based in Glandford, a small hamlet in the Glaven Valley in North Norfolk just a few miles from Walsingham.  They ethically source and freshly roast green coffee beans

The company is based on a farmyard just off the coast in North Norfolk, and it is possibly the most rural setting for a coffee roastery, certainly one of the most picturesque.  They love to roast, brew, drink and talk about coffee.

The team at Grey Seal are passionate about great coffee, they have extensive knowledge of the hospitality, café and coffee industries and enjoy using this expertise to help others by offering advice and training in improving coffee experiences for others.

Why Grey Seal?  Try thinking of the North Norfolk coast and not seeing the grey seals lounging about on the sands at Blakeney Point!