Walsingham Local Cheese Selection



A delicious array of locally made cheeses from some of our best and most accomplished producers. This makes a lovely treat or makes a great present of local food.

Made at Copys Green Farm at Wighton using milk from the Chalk Farm herd of Holstein Friesians and the Copys Green herd of Swiss Brown cows, Mrs Temple’s handmade cheeses have been a staple part of our range for years, and we love them. Our selection includes Walsingham (200g) – a hard matured crumbly cheese, Binham Blue (200g) – a soft blue veined cheese and Copys Cloud (200g) – a fluffy white rind and a melting centre – Gurney’s Gold (200g) a rind washed soft cheese with peach like golden skin.

Wensum White (150g) – an award winning white goats cheese made by Sam Steggles at Fielding Cottage.

The delicious brie-style Norfolk White Lady (200g) has gained a silver award at the British Cheese Awards.Hand-made on the farm in Deopham from the milk of 54 British Friesland dairy ewes.