Stinking Bishop


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Stinking Bishop is a washed-rind cheese produced since 1972 by Charles Martell and Son at Laurel Farm, Dymock, Gloucestershire. It is made from the milk of Gloucester cattle, which have been revived to make production of the cheese possible.

A monastic type of cheese it owes its origin to the Cistercian order of monks who once farmed the pastures of Hunts Court Farm where the cheese was launched in 1994. As with many monastic cheeses, this variety is matured in humid cave-like conditions. The rind is washed in perry, one of the 100 or so varieties of perry pear is ‘Stinking Bishop’, a name which seems appropriate for this cheese. The Stinking Bishop pear was in turn named after a local mid 19th Century farmer, Frederick Bishop who earned his nick-name because of his riotous behaviour.

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