In season now: game birds and apples

Fruit from Norfolk orchards

Apples from Drove Orchards

Our apples come from Drove Orchards, grown by the Jamieson family up on the coast near Thornham. There they grow upwards of 160 varieties of apples, as well as pears and quinces, specialising in East Anglian heritage varieties. The orchards now cover some 40 acres of the 350 acre farm, growing over 160 varieties of apple, around 120 of which are East Anglian heritage varieties. The East Anglian Heritage Orchard is divided up into blocks by county – Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Each apple has different tastes and cooking or eating qualities. To find out more just ask!

The game season has begun

Our partridge and pheasant shoot is an integral part of the Walsingham Estate, with woods planted to enhance the sport 150 years ago or more,  topping the hills around Walsingham and creating our distinctive mix of wooded and field landscape.

Young partridges are delicious at this time of year simply roasted in a hot oven, with some bacon over the breast and liberally basted with butter. Fried apple slices (add a teaspoon of sugar to help them caramelise) are a delicious garnish. A dash of apple spirit (or cider) will make an excellent apple-y gravy.

Try this recipe for roast partridge with cider gravy, from Delicious magazine.